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Deb Wight

Deb Wight began her art career early, sketching everything fromDeb Wight WallJewelry web
cartoons to flowers in her backyard. Deb’s parents encouraged her natural talent as she attended Stephen F. Austin State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

After college, Deb Wight designed logos for several projects, companies and non-profit organizations and explored different medias such as painting, pastels, decoupage and paper maché. Her varied career included jobs as a graphic artist, ballroom dancer, gallery bookkeeper, massage therapist, payroll clerk and computer programmer.

However, throughout the years of these bill paying duties, Deb remained an artist. Deb says “an artist I shall always be”.  Deb Wight’s passion is and will always be art. She believes everyone should have some form of art in their lives, whether you create it, collect it or just go out and appreciate it.

Here are some of Deb’s past pieces.  See her currently available work on our MIXED MEDIA art page.  Deb Wight is also available for custom work and commissions and recently completed a large stained glass project for The Center for the Intrepid, a care facility for soldiers and veterans at San Antonio Army Medical Center.