Dorothy Long

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Dorothy Long

Dorothy Long has no formal training in art, but took some lessons in painting, and then she came into contact with clay. Dorothy’s initial experience with clay helped her decide that would be the medium for her to pursue. The possibilities of form and texture are endless with clay and there is always another avenue to explore.

Dorothy’s education has consisted of mainly doing workshops with other artists and learning new techniques and methods of working. From this she has come up with her own way of forming pieces. Dorothy mainly does hand built work and prefers using the natural qualities of clay, most of it is unglazed.

“Living where I do, in the Hill Country of Texas, I am constantly aware of nature and the many different textures and forms found around me. They range from the grasses and weeds found along the roadside to the magnificent oaks and other trees native to the area, and to the rocks and hills that seem to be all around.

There are many possibilities of texture and form in working with clay, and these visual images inspire me to try to capture the feeling of some of these natural wonders.”