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J’Nil Jackson

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A ceramic artist approaching 20 years, J’Nil Jackson has settled on slab construction in a style she calls, “Classic-Contemporary”, focusing on surface texture and glaze application to express her voice in clay. Using a combination of various self-made stamps, found organic leaves and other elements of nature, J’Nil makes impressions in clay slabs then meticulously hand-builds her large vases, platters and assorted functional ware. Some pieces may take weeks to achieve a specific design or structure.

Each ceramic piece is artistically glazed with an amalgam of spraying, dipping, brushing and/or pouring to achieve its own distinct design. After weeks of preparation each piece is high-fired to stoneware temperature in a gas reduction kiln for up to 14 hours. It’s this firing range and glazing techniques that gives J’Nil’s ceramics its deep and lustrous rich glazed surface, mimicking a landscape of horizons represented by the colors found in nature.

“My inspiration comes from my environment”, J’Nil describes her work, I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country where I am surrounded by some of nature’s best works of art. As any artist should, my work is constantly evolving – experimenting with new textures, shapes and colors, much like the seasons change in nature.”

National and regional award winning, J’Nil’s works are increasingly becoming sought after by ceramic collectors from all over the world.