Jo Edwards

Jo Edwards

It all began with watercolor. I’ve drawn and painted and sculpted since childhood but as an adult in the hectic everyday life of earning a living, I was drawn to the soft calming pastel washes I would often see in watercolor paintings by other artists.

Unfortunately, when I sat down to paint that was not what came off my brush. I began to paint photorealistically, depicting nature and the western lifestyle. Only after a weekend at an artist retreat in experimental art did I discover a new joy in creating paintings on canvas with oils.

I could look at a scene and not feel like I had to reproduce it exactly but could use whatever colors and aspect of that scene I wanted to create a piece that was equally as calming as the watercolors of others that I so admired.

Most of the oils I paint have energetic impasto brushwork and vibrant hues that are balance by a minimalist composition. Lately, however, I’ve been led to use the same technique with a monochromatic palette.

I’m often told by collectors that my works are happy or calming or peaceful. It’s that same peace and happiness I feel every time I start or finish a piece that I hope the collector takes along into the home or office environment when choosing to own one of my works.