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After spending 30 years in the petrochemical industry, Ralph Moresco retired to Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country. Ralph Moresco red web
With spare time on his hands, Ralph decided to take a welding class and from that point on he was hooked on working with metal, namely copper. Having a love for both mechanics and kinetics – he drew these together in creating his beautifully relaxing copper wind spirals.

Ralph Moresco designs and builds “Copper Wind Spirals”, a form of wind driven kinetic sculptures. The copper spirals are individually handcrafted one at a time in his studio. Using a combination of tools, he first hand cuts the copper blades, then shapes them with a shot bag (a centuries old method), and finishes the shaping process using an English wheel. Ralph also uses lathes, drill presses, welders, and an oxy acetylene torch to assemble the various components that become a wind sculpture. Ralph moresco 42 blade

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Ralph Moresco’s award winning spirals are made of copper, stainless steel, and brass and can hold up in winds up to
70 m.p.h.

To see a lovely display of Ralph Moresco’s copper wind spirals, please visit the beautiful courtyard at Artisans – A Texas Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas. You will find at least 10 of Ralph Moresco’s fabulous copper wind spirals on display and available for purchase. Custom orders are available with numerous patinas to choose from.

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