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Stacia Miller remembers making a few clay projects in elementary and middle school, which never turned out like she had imagined. So when she was required to take a basic pottery course for her art degree at McMurry University, Stacia wasn’t very excited about it. But not long into the semester, she really began to enjoy the medium. She had an excellent teacher who showed her all the wonderful possibilities that clay presents. Stacia proceeded to take all of the pottery classes McMurry offered, and decided to open her own pottery studio one day.

The summer of 2008 Stacia Miller interned with Sherri Jo Adams, ownerStacia Miller planter web
of Mudworks Pottery in Boerne, Texas, who also displays at Artisans at Rocky Hill. Sherri Jo taught her that pottery can be a career, not just a hobby.

Stacia started Clay by Stacia in May 2012. She loves producing pottery that is both functional and beautiful. “Everyone can eat off of paper plates, but where’s the fun in that?” Stacia says. Well made pottery is a joy to use in the kitchen and around the home. Stacia loves how handmade pottery turns everyday events, such as meals, into something special.

Stacia enjoys wheel throwing and slab building. She makes all of her own glazes, and likes to experiment with different colors. Her pottery is fired to 2190 degrees in her electric kiln, making it very durable, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. Stacia Miller hopes you enjoy using her pottery as much as she enjoys making it!