Rick Hewitt

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Rick Hewitt

Rick Hewitt makes and produces each sculpture individually himself. Each piece of the sculpture is cut from copper by Rick. Each sculpture hasRick Hewitt copper wind dancers web
Rick Hewitt feathers web
its own unique and individual design, texture and color. The textures are hammered into the copper by hand, and the colors are the result of a special chemical burn that Rick has perfected. The sculptures are all different in design, color and texture. The beautiful “Hill Country” where Rick lives has influenced his nature oriented colors and designs. Rick likes for his sculpture to blend in with nature.

Rick works in his studio in Spicewood, TX, near Lake Travis. Rick is a custom home builder and uses his meticulous builders detailing in his sculpture construction methods. You are able to see the builder in his sculpture, and the artist in his building.

Rick currently exhibits his work in New Mexico, Salado and Artisans at Rocky Hill in Fredericksburg.
Rick Hewitt copper vines leaves web



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~BRADLEY, Barry~


“Splash A Color”
~artist made sycamore brush and metal~
14″h x 42″w x 11″d
by Barry Bradley

“Texas Saltwater Series:
Speckled Trout”

~artist carved cypress~
16″ h x 35″ w
by Barry Bradley

“Texas Saltwater Series:
~artist carved cypress~
13″ high x 35″ wide
by Barry Bradley

“Texas Saltwater Series”
~artist carved cypress~
16″ high x 39″ wide
by Barry Bradley

“Heart Springs”
~steel hearts on mesquite base~
13″ high x 5 1/2″ diameter
by Barry Bradley

“Driven III and IV”
~artist cast aluminum ‘spike’ on mesquite base~
7″ high x 5″ x 3″
$125.00 each
by Barry Bradley

“Texas Proud”
~cast aluminum and brass longhorn
on mesquite base~
5″h x 7″w x 5″ d
by  Barry Bradley


~Auodad horn on mesquite base~
23″h x 11″ w x 5″ d
by Barry Bradley

“Cross Mountain Cross”
~mesquite with inlaid turquoise~
28″ high by 12″ wide
by Barry Bradley

“Cross Mountain Cross”
~mesquite and turquoise~
26″ high x 9″ wide
by Barry Bradley

Mesquite Bowl
~functional sculpture of mesquite and mule deer antler~
17″ w x 12″d x 8″h
by Barry Bradley

“An Axis Trophy”
~carved walnut axis horns with cast aluminum
and mesquite~
app. 48″ h x 36″ wide x 22″ d
by Barry Bradley


Danny Parker

Danny Parker

Danny Parker Bio Photo


Poet, Sculptor, Photographer

I was born in Lubbock, Texas, and lived on a cotton farm in Ralls until I was six years old,

raised by my grandmother Margaret Birdie Whitmore Staggs; I always called her Mama Bird. My

first pet was a full-blooded, full-bodied Chow Chow named Ranger, who was the light of my little

life. Ranger and I would roam the fields of cotton, and when we would tire we would lie down in the

field with my head on his side and fall asleep together.

Mama Bird and I would retire to the living room every evening after doing dishes. She would

read to me for hours on end. We traveled the world over with Sinbad, Gulliver, Aristotle, Plato,

Socrates, and with the prophets of old. What a wonderful time! My grandmother was my tutor and confidante as we shared the worlds of the seen and

the unseen. As time progressed Mama Bird and I were parted; as it were, the fire and the kindling. But the embers had not grown cold, and

later in my life the embers rekindled and my love for dreaming caught fire again.

I enjoy writing poetry, doing sculpture, and taking photographs. I love doing each, although my favorite is probably the sculpture. As a retired power

plant supervisor, a great joy in my life has been creating works from metal by welding, grinding, and hammer-forging it into anvils, flowers,

animals, etc. I began this artistic pursuit in the year 2000 when I relocated from Panhandle to Graham. Since that time, my work has been exhibited

throughout North Texas and is now in collections worldwide. I studied under my brother-in-law learning the metalwork process I use.

In 2002 I first exhibited my pieces in the Old Post Office Museum and Art Center in Graham, TX. This was the first of two one-man shows at this venue

as well as three other shared exhibits there.

In 2005 the Breckenridge Fine Arts Center hosted my one-man show in Breckenridge, the first of four shows there during the last ten years.

I was included in the Langdon Review of the Arts in Granbury, TX with my poetry and photography as well as my metal art in 2009.

My metal art pursuit was briefly interrupted in December of 2009 by open-heart surgery and recuperation. A widower for two years, I married

again in a public ceremony at Graham’s Old Post Office Museum and Art Center in March of 2010. My bride, Cindy Carr from Arlington, TX, is an

artist I met at the Old Post Office Museum and Art Center, and we were married right there some 9 months later. Her passion for art encourages my

creativity to a greater degree than before we met, and we are very happy sharing our love and our art.

I believe that God is the giver of all good and wondrous gifts and that the “art of arts” is one of the most valuable of these gifts.

Artist’s Statement


Poet, Sculptor, Photographer

I believe that all things can be something else, that all

people are artists of one kind or another, and that art is in the

interpretation and not the mechanics of it. I believe that life is

the art and that the secret is not to force it, but instead to lean

back and embrace it.

We are all vessels and the secret to the universe is to be that

good vessel that may be filled with the wonders available to

each of us. Dream the dream and live the life, for tomorrow is a

new day.