Ceramics – Functional


Many of our artists enjoy creating custom pieces.
Please call and inquire about having a
custom piece made for your home!
(830) 990-8160
Any of the pieces below
can be shipped!

~ADAMS, Sherri Jo~

Sherri Jo Adams’ pottery is both
beautiful AND functional
and is microwave, dishwasher
and oven safe!
Below are samples of her work
which ranges from $7.00 to about $195.00

Prayer Towers

Prayer Towers

Handbuilt Platter, Round Platter,
Cream and Sugar Set, Mixing Bowl
(We use this mixing bowl at home for
everything from mixing cookie dough
to making salads, then put it in the

Round Serving Platter, Mixing Bowl
Small Serving Bowl

Quote Bowls are great gifts,
both functional and decorative
3″ h x 5.5″ diameter and $35 each

Handbuilt Round Platter, Rectangular Platter
Cream and Sugar Set, Handbuilt Bowl

Rectangular Platter, Carved Vase
Handbuilt Bowl, Mixing Bowl

We have a large selection
of Sherri Jo’s beautiful
crosses and plaques. 
Email patricia@artisanstexas.com
for more photos!

Sherri Jo creates gorgeous, large
handbuilt bowls that are works of art
that can also be used for serving

Handbuilt Bowl

Handbuilt Bowl

“As For Me and My House,
We Shall Serve the Lord” Platter
Pitcher, Dragonfly Platter

~COLLINS, Melinda~

Pepper Seeders
Ceramic Handle with Serrated Blade
Black/Tan/Green/Red/Lt. Blue
by Melinda Collins
$17.00 each

Melinda Collins Assorted Ceramic Buttons 10 web
Ceramic Buttons
by Melinda Collins
$10.00/per package

~FRANCIS, Barbara~

Barbara’s beautiful bowls have
hand carved and textured rims
and functional interiors!
Her gorgeous serving pieces range from
about $35 to $245 for the
most elaborate pieces.

Serving Bowl
12″ diameter x 4.5 deep

“Serving Bowl”
14″ diameter x 4.5″ high

“Serving Bowls”
12″ and 13″ diameters, app. 5.5″ deep
$245.00 each

Barbara’s black and white
handcarved collection includes
mugs and wine cups

Deep Serving Bowl – 9″h x 5.5″ deep – $135.00
Large Serving Bowl – 13″ x 5″ – $235.00
Condiment Bowl and Spoon – $35.00

7″ and 6″ Textured Green Pitchers
$50.00 and $45.00

11.5″ and 13″ diameter Serving Bowls
$215.00 and $195.00

Deep Blue Carved Serving Platter
11.5″ square – $125.00

“Underwater” Textured Serving Bowl
8.5″ diameter x 5″ deep

Deep Serving Bowl – $85.00
Large Serving Bowl – $245.00
Blue & Celadon Tray – $40.00

~GRAFA, Mike~

Mike Grafa ceramic cups web
Wine Cups
by Mike Grafa
$18.00 each

Mike Grafa tray web
Ceramic Tray
by Mike Grafa

Mike Grafa coffee mugs web
Coffee Cups
by Mike Grafa

Mike Grafa casserole dish goblets web
Wine Goblets – $28.00 each
Casserole Dish – $42.00
by Mike Grafa


Al Hoeksema’s beautiful, functional pottery
comes in 3 lovely colors,
Blue Iris, Chocolate, and Mist

All of the pieces are microwaveable, oven safe and dishwasher safe!


Chip and Dip Bowl

Three Section Bowl with Handle

Two Section Bowl with Handle


Pitchers – Large 9.5″ and Small 7″
$86.00 and $66.00

Serving Platters – 17″

Tall Mugs

Barrel Mug

Soup Mug

Microwave Egg Bakers

~MILLER, Stacia~

Stacia Miller carved bowl web
Wide Carved Bowl
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller carved leaf jar 45 web
Carved Leaf Jar
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller planter web
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller bowl web
Wide Carved Bowl
by Stacia Miller

Stacia miller planter2 web
Medium Planter
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller platter2 web
Large Round Platter
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller ring holders web
Ring Holders
by Stacia Miller
$14.00 each

Stacia Miller utensil holders web
Utensil Holders
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller platter web
by Stacia Miller

Stacia Miller small cross web
Small Cross
by Stacia Miller