Many of our artists will create
custom furnishings for your home.
Please call or email to get started
on a unique and special piece for you!
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~BRADLEY, Barry~

An award winning furniture maker and sculptor,
Barry Bradley, is a creative genius and
meticulous craftsman who creates
one-of-a-kind statement pieces
of both beauty and function. 

“Texas Modern”
*award winner at the 2019 Texas Furniture Maker’s Show*
~maple, walnut and cowhide with adjustable back~
by Barry Bradley


Mesquite Entry Table/Wine Rack
with handcrafted metal base
and metal grape leaf accents
by Barry Bradley


“Waterfall Edge Table”
~mesquite with inlaid turquoise and metal~
18″h x 48″w x 18″d
by Barry Bradley


~mesquite coffee table with handcarving
and permanently affixed pipe wrench legs~
17.5″h x 42″w x 20″d
by Barry Bradley


Spalted Pecan Entry/Sofa Table
~pecan with welded conveyor belt base~
34″h x 54″w x 12″d
by Barry Bradley

Mesquite Coffee Table
~with inlaid turquoise and handcrafted metal base~
18″h x 50″w x 27″d
by Barry Bradley

Mesquite and Walnut Entry/Sofa Table
~mesquite top w/inlaid turquoise floating on a walnut base~
32″h x 60″w x 16.5″d
by Barry Bradley

Hall Tree / Coat Rack
~mesquite and walnut~
53″ high by 15″ diameter
by Barry Bradley


Cypress Coffee Table/Bench
~shou sugi ban (charred) sides and handcrafted metal lets~
18″ h x 48″ w x 16″ d
by Barry Bradley



Mesquite and Axis Hide Benches
Bench – 19″h x 42″w x 19″d
Stools – 19″h x 18″w x 18″d
$575.00 each
by Barry Bradley


Mesquite Entry/Sofa Table
~mesquite w/inlaid turquoise
and hammered steel base~
32″h x 63″w x 14″d
by Barry Bradley


Mesquite Lamps
~with inlaid turquoise and sheepskin shades~
$495.00 each
by Barry Bradley

Mesquite Lazy Susans

~with inlaid turquoise and metal chain~
app. 17″ diameter


Barry Bradley can create beautiful
custom pieces based on previous designs
or new ideas.
Email for a quote!

Mesquite Top Wine Rack Tables
with handcrafted metal bases
SOLD, ask for custom quote!

by Barry Bradley

Mesquite Entry/Sofa Table
~with shou sugi ban (charred) finish on ash base
and inlaid turquoise~
61″ wide x 16″ deep x 32″ tall
SOLD, ask for quote!
by Barry Bradley

Mesquite Entry/Sofa Table
~forged metal base and inlaid turquoise~
50″ wide x 12″ deep x 33″ high
SOLD, ask for quote!
by Barry Bradley


 Mesquite Bench
with metal base~
45″ wide x 13″ deep x 15.5″ tall
SOLD, ask for quote!
by Barry Bradley


Mesquite End Tables or Sofa Table
~with turquoise inlay and sculpted metal
“barbed wire” base~
55″ wide x 20″ deep x 20″ tall (as coffee table)
SOLD, ask for quote!
by Barry Bradley




~SECREST, Randy~

Mesquite Hearth Box
~with aromatic cedar and mesquite interior~
18″ wide x 11″ deep x 13″ tall
SOLD, but can be ordered!

by Randy Secrest


~ SMITH, Ric ~

Cherry Sofa/Entry Table
~with inlaid turquoise~
48″ wide x 15″ deep x 30″ tall
ARTIST DISCOUNT from $1,250.00
to $950.00
by Ric Smith


Mesquite Bench
~extra thick slab~
33″ wide x 11″ deep x 18″ high
by Ric Smith




“Torus” Lamp
Maple, Malee Burl,
and Mesquite by Craig Timmerman
Set of Two Available!



“S Curve” Lamps
~mesquite with inlaid turquoise and
maple and walnut burl veneer~
Custom Orders Available
by Craig Timmerman